copper clad steel wire
copper clad steel ground wire
aluminium clad steel strand wire
Welding is not the same as plating. Welding is the combination of copper strip and steel by high temperature and high pressure to achieve bimetal metallurgical bonding. 
  • copper clad sreel strand wire
    We use international quality low carbon steel wire and 99.99999% high performance pure copper belt. Therefore, the welded copper clad steel has both high strength of steel and high electrical conductivity of pure copper. The outer copper strip protects the steel well and therefore has excellent corrosion resistance.
  • copper clad sreel strand wire

    The anti-theft advantage is obvious. As we all know, copper theft is already very common. Because copper-clad steel does not have the value of recycling, thieves will not steal copper-clad steel. Therefore, the use of copper-clad steel instead of pure copper can prevent theft and property.

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​Our most competitive products are copper clad steel single wire and copper clad steel strand. Existing multiple production lines to ensure adequate supply of goods.
Aluminum Clad Steel Stranded Wire 
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Copper clad steel manufacturer for you in this paper, the different classification of copper clad steel
May 20, 2019

According to the application, the different aims of copper clad steel on the basis of. Copper clad steel mainly can be classified as:1. The center of the communication cable conductor2. Communication cable shielding line3. Pin line of electronic components4. The winding grounding lines and electrifi

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Analysis of the copper clad steel grounding pole technology advantage
August 16, 2019

By deep grounding copper clad steel grounding pole. Available at least answer the ground level to obtain the required grounding resistance.If you use a short ( 6 m or shorter than 6 m) ground rod to obtain the same resistance, meet local number and the construction area is large, clear, spend a few

Why customers buy our tin copper clad steel wire?
May 20, 2019

For consumers, choose a company to buy copper clad steel wire is certainly has his own reason, perhaps because of our cheap, perhaps because of the quality of our products, perhaps because our scale and so on.Why our products will be more of the broad masses of the love? The article analysis are as

Spring wire production process low oxygen and low titanium nitride treatment
June 12, 2019

In the past, the general requirements of spring steel is mainly in electric furnace, converter, open hearth furnace smelting, casting, open-train mill rolling.High quality requirements (mainly to reduce the content of inclusions in the steel) mainly adopts electric furnace + esr or vacuum remelting

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