Analysis of the copper clad steel grounding pole technology advantage
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Analysis of the copper clad steel grounding pole technology advantage

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By deep grounding copper clad steel grounding pole. Available at least answer the ground level to obtain the required grounding resistance.If you use a short ( 6 m or shorter than 6 m) ground rod to obtain the same resistance, meet local number and the construction area is large, clear, spend a few more times.In cities need to dig rock asphalt and mobile place, with vertical grounding rods can be avoided in construction of a lot of trouble.

1,copper clad steel grounding pole advanced manufacturing technology:

Using the latest domestic coating technique of production, and bent 180 degrees will not disconnect, become warped skin, cracking phenomenon.

2,copper clad steel grounding pole superior anti-corrosion features:

Thick copper average thickness is greater than the surface (0. 251 mm), strong corrosion resistance, long service life (more than 30 years), reduce the labor intensity.

3,copper clad steel grounding pole electric performance is better:

Surface of copper material high electrical conductivity, make its resistance value is far lower than the conventional materials.

4,copper clad steel grounding pole widely practical:

The product application on dry soil moisture, temperature, state the value and the resistivity changes under the condition of ground construction.

5,copper clad steel grounding pole safe and reliable:

Use a dedicated connection tube or USES the exothermic welding, joint is firm and good stability.

6,copper clad steel grounding pole convenient installation:

Complete accessories, installation is convenient, can effectively improve the construction speed.

7,copper clad steel grounding pole improve depth:

The special connection transmission mode, which can deep underground 35 meters, low resistance requirements to meet the special occasions.

8,copper clad steel grounding pole low construction cost:

Contrast on the traditional use of pure copper ground rod, zone, the method for.

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