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  • [Company News] Copper clad steel manufacturer for you in this paper, the different classification of copper clad steel

    According to the application, the different aims of copper clad steel on the basis of. Copper clad steel mainly can be classified as:1. The center of the communication cable conductor2. Communication cable shielding line3. Pin line of electronic components4. The winding grounding lines and electrifi

  • [Industry News] Analysis of the copper clad steel grounding pole technology advantage

    By deep grounding copper clad steel grounding pole. Available at least answer the ground level to obtain the required grounding resistance.If you use a short ( 6 m or shorter than 6 m) ground rod to obtain the same resistance, meet local number and the construction area is large, clear, spend a few

  • [Company News] Why customers buy our tin copper clad steel wire?

    For consumers, choose a company to buy copper clad steel wire is certainly has his own reason, perhaps because of our cheap, perhaps because of the quality of our products, perhaps because our scale and so on.Why our products will be more of the broad masses of the love? The article analysis are as

  • [Company News] Spring wire production process low oxygen and low titanium nitride treatment

    In the past, the general requirements of spring steel is mainly in electric furnace, converter, open hearth furnace smelting, casting, open-train mill rolling.High quality requirements (mainly to reduce the content of inclusions in the steel) mainly adopts electric furnace + esr or vacuum remelting


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