Why customers buy our tin copper clad steel wire?
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Why customers buy our tin copper clad steel wire?

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For consumers, choose a company to buy copper clad steel wire is certainly has his own reason, perhaps because of our cheap, perhaps because of the quality of our products, perhaps because our scale and so on.

Why our products will be more of the broad masses of the love? The article analysis are as follows:

Low price: at present, the universal tin plated copper clad copper prices only equivalent to 1/2 ~ 1/3 of pure copper wire product prices.

With strong steel of high strength and toughness, tin copper clad steel wire, high rigidity, easy to cut the molding, and suitable for the machine assembly process and automation production process USES, tensile strength more than 2 times the ordinary tin plated copper wire, wire expansion coefficient is small.

Light weight: the proportion of products is controlled in 8.4 8.5, online diameter, under the condition of equal weight, the length is about 5% more than pure copper wire. Thus can reduce the product cost, equivalent to buy 1 ton of pure copper wire, our products only 950 kilograms, namely save 50 kg material, is calculated based on purchasing price of 60 yuan/kg, can save 3000 yuan per ton. The higher the copper price, save more.

Has a good welding performance, 4 hours in the steam aging, 16 hours in the 150 high temperature aging is still well after welding.

Appearance bright and clean: no dew copper, tin, shading, rust, crack, tin tumor, burr, copper wire. With ordinary appearance no difference.

It has excellent high frequency. Due to the agglomeration effect under high frequency will increase with the increasing of frequency and, the conductivity of the wire can be compared with the same cross section of pure copper wire.

Tin copper clad steel wire and copper wire of high conductivity, magnetic conductivity and high strength, bending of steel wire and tin thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and has certain oxidation resistance at high temperature. So is widely used in electronic components lead and jumper wire, radio frequency cable conductor, and has become the ideal conductor in communications, electronics, electric power industry.


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